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Closing out February

Published February 26, 2016 by emmaperez1961

This month is coming to an end already. These months are just flying by. But no time to waste right! And all the holidays hit you like no tomorrow. I learned that one this Valentines day. The last of all the holidays towards the end and new year.  Boy, did I have plans for that one. Ya, well. It didn’t happen. Decorating heart cookies was my intention, but time and other circumstances didn’t let me. So here I was stuck with all these heart shaped cookies, and thought ‘boy, what a waste.’ but then I had remembered someone who had made use of them and I did the same. She made thong cookies. Now this was like, what? A good five years ago! And now their popping up all over at bachelorette parties. Who’s to know when an idea can take off like a rocket, right!

So I whipped some different color royal icing and went to town with it. I had fun and gave some away. I posted them on fb and heard nice comments. And like I said they’ve been out for awhile so I thought everyone has seen them by now, but I was wrong. Not everyone had and it was their first time seeing them. Now that surprised me. Not everybody sees things at the same time, obviously. What was old to me was new to them. Now that’s alot to consider when being creative or crafting. A lot to think about this year, I’d say!

With that being said. I’m taking a small break from baking. And definitely taking ample time for Easter. Usually March is a slow month and we can all take a deep breath and relax. Oh, wait! Its also craft month. So look out for all those new invention and package deals.

On my next post I’ll be talking about card making. So make sure you check in. Happy Crafting!!!




Published February 7, 2016 by emmaperez1961

Talk about forgetting things. Couldn’t figure out how to upload picture from my new phone. Finally just went to wp and took it from my gallery. Geez, that was upsetting.

So here we are February already. Paczki day or known as fat Tuesday for most and Valentine season is here. I see it as the ‘Red’ month. So who has their cookies and cakes going? I started my holiday by making a card for a friend. Actually, I had two other cards that I wanted to post with this one but it went off my camera as I tried to free up some data on my phone. Upset about that too! Trying to jump on the band wagon of making several cards for the year. Get well cards, birthday cards, baby shower cards, Christmas cards and so on, so I could have them ready for when one pops up. And believe me, they always do. Their becoming more easily to make. And all I want to do is make a whole bunch of them. They do save time and money. And you could always find sentiments on-line if you need them.

Have to take a small break though because I do have Valentine cookies I want to make for my grandchildren and wanted to try my hand at some cakepops as well. I can’t wait to get those done. I only have this week left and I know I should have started earlier. I realized when it comes to baked goods, you really have to be ahead of your own schedule. Now its going to feel like more of a rush job. And I really don’t like rushing in anything I do. For the fact that a lot can go wrong!

My card is not great but I like the way it came out anyway. And I know she’ll like too. When I can, I’ll dig for the others and post them. Their saved in my computer somewhere. lol

I’ll be back when the cookies and cakepops are done.20160206_201711.jpg