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Stock Pile

Published May 8, 2017 by emmaperez1961

Hello everybody!!!

So I am so excited! I have been doing some serious couponing. And I mean serious, cause it is time consuming and it takes brainstorming on your part. And I will show you some CRT’s that I get from CVS. Where I been doing most of my deals. It awesome to know that you can get some much for so little. Of course you learn along the way, your hit or misses and screwups!!! But hay, no worries cause the deals always come around again. Thank God!! I haven’t tried walgreen or target, Yet! I’m the kind of person who likes to work on one project (and all it’s worth) before I move on to the next. I like to know that I know all about that subject or project. Multitasking is good but only when you know what you know. If that makes any sense! Otherwise things can become extremely confusing or go horribly wrong.  Then you have to deal with consequences, overspending or your time investment ill spent. And I know we’re all aware that time is something we can’t afford to waste. lol

At first I just wanted to try my hand at it one more time. I have tried years ago and it just didn’t work for me. Maybe  now because we have all the youtube videos that we didn’t have back then, and it has made it easier. So I’m so glad for that. I figured if they can, I can. Actually that is my motto right now on everything. If you can do it , so can I!! I just have to put work, time and alot of effort into it. So its working so far. I have much more to learn but I’m getting there.

And of course I’m working on other projects. If you haven’t seen my boards, just go to my site and scroll down to view them. I’m definitely working on a time system for them. Which isn’t easy because uhm, I’m not a robot!! lol My life entails way much more!

It was fun sitting here and connecting with everyone today. I hope that everyone is not giving up on their projects. Remember, you get back whatever time and effort you put into it. And I know its not easy for alot of us who have family, little ones or fulltime jobs. But 30 mins here and there or more does add up. Have a great day everyone and you’ll hear from me soon!! Keep on crafting!!!



Published March 3, 2017 by emmaperez1961

Hello everyone. I hope this day or night finds everyone well. I have been really putting to much on my plate lately and trying to keep up with everything has been no easy task. From crafting to making videos, working and taking care of the family, that trying to fit everything into one day just doesn’t happen.

So I’m trying to figure out a way by now getting into making or creating a daily planner that can help and keep me accountable. So far I haven’t been to bad. I did finish a series on my you tube channel called (It’s Your Life: By the Grace of God)  and plan to keep up with it. Right now, I’m just taking a small break to create new content based on the same subject.

I also have my other channel which is called (EmaLife). That one is based on my ramblings of my daily living. Which I enjoy doing as well. I guess the hard part for both is just setting up the cameras. I did invest in a web cam but the sound wouldn’t  reach as far as I wanted but I still use it nevertheless. I did my series (Proverbs 31 woman) with that one. Which worked out great.

I use my Bloggie for my (EmaLife) channel for that one does pick up sound from a good distance. I still don’t know how to edit but I will be working on that this year among other things!

I still work at the bakery. Been there for 3yrs already. Boy, how time flies! Still married and all my four son live with me except my daughter who has given me three beautiful grandchildren. Bless her heart! So ya, its a busy life! Still into baking and I just bought a serger. I really need to get into my sewing this year as well.

Workingout and staying healthy is also a big factor in my life. I need all the stamina and energy to keep up with my family. lol  You can catch my supplements and photos on instagram as well. Under Emma Perez or emmperezzz. I’m the one with Marilyn Monroe as an icon. And ya, I have snapchat and periscope too. I know, trying to drive into all these social platforms is crazy!!

If you missed what I’ve been doing just go to my site and scroll. You’ll see everything I’ve been up to till now. I’m still here, still around! And of course I like my blog.  I really enjoy writing even moreso with pen and paper, which is the reason that I’m working with my journals. Yap I have three or four. My daily living, faith, events and study journals.

Better call it a night. Sleep well everybody and I’ll catch up soon.

Update: Cards

Published June 4, 2016 by emmaperez1961

Hi everybody!!! Just a little update on how I look these days. I’m sure its been awhile since you seen me. And it always nice to have photo to go with your blog and see who it is who is writing. Of course, I’m the one with the pigtails and red blouse! I was at a picnic birthday celebration. I’ll popup soon!20160523_130425.jpg

Coming to an end!

Published December 31, 2015 by emmaperez1961

So here we are. Seeing another year coming to an end. I’ve read  a lot of post of how many didn’t do all of what they set out to accomplish. But that’s OK, because you came closer than last year. And now you know what it takes. So as we count down the days to the new year, all we can do is ask ourselves “What did I learn this year?” Or you! And take that into the new year as a lesson learned.

The one thing I did learn this year was that ‘There’s no time to waste time!’ When you think about all that has to be done, (work, family, grandchildren, birthdays, holidays, not to mention all the classes your taking). It’s like a whirlwind going around your head. And all you want to do is scream ‘Stop!’

I read someone who wrote that between after Christmas and New years theirs nothing to do. Right! Because you spent all year going here, going there, planning this, planning that. Some are probably still doing it rolling into the new year but for most we just stop! Everything has been done. And we sit twiddling our thumbs as to say “Now what?”

So, here we are thinking of regrets, disappointments, what we got done and what wasn’t. At least I do. If only I would of done this or that. Would of, could of, should of! But hay! Theirs always next year!

So don’t kick yourself. You did the best you could. And I’ll give you an ‘A’ for putting in the effort and trying. Who can ask for more than that?

And after doing my own review, like I do every year. I decided to take on little journeys here and there. So, I’m looking  forward to filling in my 2016 planner for that. And yes get a planner! Its not the same as writing stuff in your phone. Odds are your not going back to look unless your on the go and have a business. No, seriously! So make that a priority on your list for next year.

I am happy to say though, that I was finally able to make my ‘snowflake cookie’ this year. Came out cute and my grandchildren loved them. It only took two years! Couldn’t get hold of the darn cookie cutter. I guess there is a time for everything. Is that Ecclesiastic or Lament? Its one of those.

What I was really looking for though, was a cookie cutter for the Star of David. Which I didn’t find. Maybe thru one of my journeys this year, I’ll find one. So, I stuck with the snowflake instead.

I’m also looking forward to writing more through out the new year. So, until then keep being productive and creative. Believe me everything you learned last year won’t be wasted.

Have a Happy Blessed New Year Everybody!!!!!wp-1451322633036.jpg





show time!

Published November 13, 2015 by emmaperez1961

These two words have been coming up a lot lately in my life these days. What do they  mean? well, I’ll tell you what it means! It’s exactly what we do everyday before we walk out the door.

We get up in the morning, shower, have our coffee, look through our closet to figure out what to wear. And if your a woman, well, you can’t forget make-up application. Choosing the right color and so on to match.

When done and ready to walk out, and even though you don’t say it! In your mind you know it’s ‘Show Time’.

When your at an office, desk or cubical and get your little do-dads prepared, it’s because you know its close to ‘Show Time’.

And If you have to wear a uniform. You know your going to make sure everything is on or tucked in just right before you hit the floor because in a second, it’s going to be ‘Show Time’.

It’s show time in everything we do. How we interact with our friends, family, co-workers, customers! It helps us to be confident and to put our best foot forward.

And no, it’s not always easy and at times it can be difficult, tiresome or costly! But necessary!

I had learned this years ago when I worked for a downtown firm. You know the kind! Big building and you have to take the elevator to the up teenth floor! And when the elevator opens, you see the lonely receptionist at a big desk between two opposite humongous doors.Well, every time I had to stop at that floor to deliver a package (I was a mail clerk at the time) she was always nicely dressed. Until one day, when those elevator doors opened, my jaw dropped! This girl looked so sick. I’m sure she had a cold or something. But, it was as if she just threw on a sweater and came to work. No make-up, no nothing!

So the lesson I learned that day! No matter how sick you are or feel, don’t ever show it. Especially in the work place. Watery eyes, runny nose, you can’t help that. That doesn’t give you an excuse not to look presentable. And If it’s that bad, take a sick day and stay home!

And it is true. First impression is key to so many things. Could you imagine first time clients stepping off that elevator! I know I’d be a little leery.

So, be in good health. Eat right, exercise and remember when you step out into the world, its always ‘ShowTime!’


My crafters companion

Published July 21, 2015 by emmaperez1961

If you have purchased a “Crafter’s Companion” carry-case, then you made a good investment. I’ve had mine for about 4 yrs and now I’m realizing how valuable it really is. To be honest, I’ve only made a few things from it. But now I’m ready to go full throttle cause I know what it could do for me. And for one, yes, it will save me money and it has! If you have one or plan on buying one, I suggest you start by using regular craft paper to practice. Just glide tools softly otherwise you can score holes thru it. It helps before you actually use card stock. And we know some can be pretty pricey these days.

Now Sara (The founder and inventor) has been coming out with new products to accompany the ‘Ultimate’ but its her new embossing boards that have my attention. Now there are a few that I can get thru ‘PaperWishes’, Thank God! But for other boards, I’m not sure for their having a hard time delivering to the US from the UK. So I really hope they can fix that.

When I first saw this invention at a crafters convention, I was blown away by it and I just had to have it. And now that I look back, I do remember that Sara was there.

Another thing that I realized about the UK is they have very intriguing crafters over there. They’re on top of their game. I’ve noticed that by their wonderful magazines ‘Papercraft Inspiration and Mollies’. Which again they’re hard to find in the US. I haven’t seen them at JoAnns for the longest time. Which saddens me cause I don’t know how to get them delivered to me thru Via AirMail. Does anybody, by the way????

But in the mean time I’ll be working with what I have.wpid-img_20150720_201814492.jpg

Feeling so, so

Published July 9, 2015 by emmaperez1961

I really don’t know what to make of this weather. Living in Chicago does has its ups and downs but lately the weather pattern has changed drastically, especially during the summer months. I’m not really complaining though, cause I like the idea of saving money by not putting the AC on due to the cold/rainy weather. One day out of the whole week may be hot and the rest are cool. Where ya, you need a sweater in the morning when you walk out the door.

Its a little sad cause it feels like we don’t have summer at all. And the tourist can’t enjoy Chicago due to the rain and they end up staying indoors. Not cool!!! But again it beats walking under the sweltering heat where you can hardly breath. Boy,do I remember those years.

It’s actually nice and comfortable. But I hope I’m not speaking to soon. A few hot days are coming our way but again they won’t last.  And that, doesn’t say much for the lake cause we need those hot days to warm the water. But, oh well. It is what it is.

And I really hope not having hot weather doesn’t discourage you from being creative. I mean, really. Your under pressure when the heat is on. Your blessed if you can afford AC, if not then your screwed. No really!!! Sitting there trying to make something and sweating bullets (which I have gone thru many times) can be discouraging.

So, take advantage of this nice cool weather while you can. Especially if your living in Chicago. I hear the heat is really bad in Texas. Which makes me be glad that I’m here and not there!