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Baking craz 2

Published May 28, 2014 by emmaperez1961

I couldn’t help but try my hand at doughnuts. At first I was like “I’ve done this before, I should be able to do it again.” Wow, was I wrong! That’s why I know now that being consistent is key. You just have to keep doing it. Before I had made just fried doughnuts. This time I was making yeast  doughnuts. A whole new ball game!

I tried twice and no go. My first batch came out with so much butter, that I ended up baking them and came out with shortbread cookies instead. Which were still eatable and good actually. Well, you figure all that butter and sugar and had to be tasty. My second try didn’t rise enough and came out to doughy. And my sugar glaze that I’ll never use again came out terrible. It was clear corn syrup? And I mean, never, ever.

So my third time was a charm. They doubled in size (after putting 2 packs of yeast) and they came out the way they were suppose to look. Thank God! I did although just made drizzle icing instead of royal icing. It didn’t come out as thick and ran over very thin. I didn’t like the way that looked either. I did try a 4th time and those came out just as good. Except, my camera ran out of juice and used my son’s tablet instead to take the picture. T454 455 457he first chance I get, I’ll have him somehow transfer it over to my laptop. Then I’ll put it up for you to see.


On a baking craz!!!

Published May 27, 2014 by emmaperez1961

So baking is what I’ve been doing lately. Time is a wasting on me so I feel I need to get going. So if your young, jump start your craftiness and don’t let anything stop you. The sooner you start the better chance you have to succeed in your business adventure. Remember the sooner the better!

So here I am trying out a new  recipe, which came out great. It all started with making lemon bars. Although, we never made the lemon bars instead I made lemon pies. Lemon supreme pie!!  And now I realize that being consistence is important. I might have to invest in a scale450, Soon I hope.

Update on cakes

Published May 22, 2014 by emmaperez1961

I’m still working on my baking. Needless to say that ever since I started working, my time for baking has been cut short. I always seem to come home to tired to do anything.  I am overly thrilled that I am working at a bakery. I have been learning already a few tricks of the trade.  And there is so much more to learn. Sometimes it does become overwhelming but I know I just have to push through.

So far, I managed to bake a chocolate ganache cake, that came out tasting like one big oreo cookie.  I have worked on other baked goods since then. I’m still trying to practice on my writing with decorating tips. And definitely have to work on my butter451cream flowers. Practice. practice, practice! That’s all I have to say. You just have keep doing it, until you get it right.