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show time!

Published November 13, 2015 by emmaperez1961

These two words have been coming up a lot lately in my life these days. What do they¬† mean? well, I’ll tell you what it means! It’s exactly what we do everyday before we walk out the door.

We get up in the morning, shower, have our coffee, look through our closet to figure out what to wear. And if your a woman, well, you can’t forget make-up application. Choosing the right color and so on to match.

When done and ready to walk out, and even though you don’t say it! In your mind you know it’s ‘Show Time’.

When your at an office, desk or cubical and get your little do-dads prepared, it’s because you know its close to ‘Show Time’.

And If you have to wear a uniform. You know your going to make sure everything is on or tucked in just right before you hit the floor because in a second, it’s going to be ‘Show Time’.

It’s show time in everything we do. How we interact with our friends, family, co-workers, customers! It helps us to be confident and to put our best foot forward.

And no, it’s not always easy and at times it can be difficult, tiresome or costly! But necessary!

I had learned this years ago when I worked for a downtown firm. You know the kind! Big building and you have to take the elevator to the up teenth floor! And when the elevator opens, you see the lonely receptionist at a big desk between two opposite humongous doors.Well, every time I had to stop at that floor to deliver a package (I was a mail clerk at the time) she was always nicely dressed. Until one day, when those elevator doors opened, my jaw dropped! This girl looked so sick. I’m sure she had a cold or something. But, it was as if she just threw on a sweater and came to work. No make-up, no nothing!

So the lesson I learned that day! No matter how sick you are or feel, don’t ever show it. Especially in the work place. Watery eyes, runny nose, you can’t help that. That doesn’t give you an excuse not to look presentable. And If it’s that bad, take a sick day and stay home!

And it is true. First impression is key to so many things. Could you imagine first time clients stepping off that elevator! I know I’d be a little leery.

So, be in good health. Eat right, exercise and remember when you step out into the world, its always ‘ShowTime!’