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Feeling alittle crafty

Published March 9, 2014 by emmaperez1961

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, and not having anything green to wear this year, I decided to make a  pair of earrings. To my surprise I still had green polymer clay, and went to work. My four leaf clovers came out cute and I can’t wait to rock them. Next on my ‘to do list’, nail art. I’ll be buying green and white nail polish. I hope I find the right colors. Can’t wait to have them nicely polished for that day. Well Saturday. St.Patty day falls on a monday this year and the bakery is closed on mondays.DSC08021 DSC08022


Lets do that again!

Published July 31, 2013 by emmaperez1961

I changed the macrame to a ball chain on the necklace instead. It looked just to heavy before. I was thinking of adding more blue wire but I didn’t want to take the focal point away from the clay component. I will be making more of them in different colors to incorporate them in earrings and bracelets. Although to tell you the truth, I’m not to keen about the ball chain either. lol DSC07953

Mixing it up!!!

Published July 31, 2013 by emmaperez1961

Mixing macrame, clay, wire and bead components, for this, just for fun summer necklace. The macrame was too tough so I’ll be going with a softer and thinner thread next time around. You never know how its going to come out  until you work with it.  Ughhhh!!! Trial and error. Trial and error!!DSC07952

She’s Hanging!!!

Published June 4, 2013 by emmaperez1961

Finally!! Man, sometimes I think I take too long. lol But I always take time to get with it. Like I said before, I did like the pendant but I think I’ll make them in a smaller scale. They would look a lot better. I don’t into big and bulky jewelry. Hay but someone else might like it and wear it. Who knows! 🙂DSC07930

A little setback

Published May 31, 2013 by emmaperez1961

Resin flower:  I’m not done with the pendant quite yet, but the majority of it is done. I’m waiting for the eye-pins to dry so that I can attach the chain. It should be done by tomorrow. But in the mean time, I didn’t want you to wait, as I did say I would have it up the next day.

It just so happened that my daughter came over with the grand kids. And most of my attention evidently went to them. There was no way I was going to divert my attention on anything else. lol

So here it is, I think it came out really cute. ‘I like it!’ I can’t wait to do more on a smaller scale. At first I didn’t think it would work because I don’t know how to make 3d flowers. But I guarantee that I will work on it. I do have to make alittle adjustments here and there but for the most part, I am happy with it.

Like I said, I was a little reluctant to post it considering that I hadn’t seen anything like this. So if you start seeing something similar down the road, you’ll know where you saw it first. lol

I’ll take another picture with the chain on it. Ok, back to my unfinished projects. I have all these rings and other necklaces, that still need work. Until next time!!! Keep crafting!!!  🙂DSC07929


Published May 27, 2013 by emmaperez1961

Hi everybody!

I wanted to show the outcome of the resin flower I made. It did end up with one air bubble, which I didn’t mind. I liked the effect it gave. I’m not really sure what I want to do with it. Leave it as is and make it a paperweight or turn it into a big necklace. Still deciding.

The little one’s with Dora on them came out cute. Maybe I’ll just make those into magnets for my granddaughter. Her mom could put them on the fridge or something.

Back to the flower one. I’m thinking maybe putting some bling on  it. I was thinking of painting  around it with white or yellow. Then I thought, the effect of the floating flower wouldn’t be there. Next would be, where to drill the hole to place the bail. Hmmm. Tricky, tricky!

All in all it came out cute. I tried to scale it down but I had to cut the flowers, it seemed, into thousands of pieces! (Ok, hundreds!) Well, probably less. But that’s how it felt. lol  They came out ok, but you really couldn’t tell that they were flowers. Just random colors that someone injected into the resin. I don’t think I’ll try that again.

I’ll show how it looks when I come to the final decision.DSC07926


Hay! Hay!

Published May 22, 2013 by emmaperez1961

Hi everybody!!!

I’m trying to get into a working routine. Right now I’m working with resin. Boy, this stuff is really strong! I’m working with some new ideas of how to work with it. I have a couple of sets that I’m waiting for them to dry, so I can add the last layer. I want to hurry before my landlord complains. LOL!

So sorry to have known what happened in Oklahoma. I know they’ll get back on their feet. I couldn’t help but at least mourn one day out of my week for them. I just couldn’t do anything.DSC07925 DSC07924