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Trying to get there

Published August 14, 2014 by emmaperez1961

I made yet another attempt to make another sponge cake. I had made one recently and it came out really tough. So I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Too much flour, not enough eggs. What is it!!!!  Uggghhh!!!!

With this one I mixed 1/2c butter and 1/2c margarine. Then added sugar eggs and so on. I also added 1/4c of vegetable oil, Which I think was a mistake. But gave it a go anyway. I also omitted the egg whites and just added the egg yolks for color of cake (yellow). Put in the oven at 325′ for 35 min.

And I came out with this. Still not to happy but the texture was softer than the last. And it smelled a lot like corn bread. I just hope it didn’t taste like it. I’m not a fan of corn bread 😦 . And yes, as you can see. It was still tough. but not as tough as the last.

The other disappointment was that it broke very easily. And it was very crumbly. Other than that, it tasted good! But still not where I want to be at,  where sponge cake is concerned. It wasn’t light and fluffy at all. And that is what I’m looking for in a yellow cake. Especially if your making cupcakes! Right?

So, I’ll be back at the drawing board in a couple of days. I’ve read of two different methods.  ‘The two stage method’ and ‘Foaming or sponge method’. Going to give both a try and see who comes out the winner. Until then, Keep baking. and if you have any tips, I could sure use them.DSC08075




Keeping up with the cakes

Published August 4, 2014 by emmaperez1961

Hi everybody!!

I have been so busy working and baking that I just plain wore myself out. So I’m taking a little break to catch up. I realized that, your not going to perfect something unless you keep at it. Try, try and try again. Especially when it comes to recipes! You’ll soon find out that not all are alike and you have to figure out what works best for you or what your looking for. The same with the ingredients! Keep the recipes you worked with handy. This will help as a guide of what worked and what didn’t. A great reference for what you added or omitted as well.

I mean you can make something but it you don’t keep track and you try again without it. Your basically screwed. It just won’t come out the same and then you’ll wonder why? So it’s best to write it down and keep a copy of it. So this week I have to recopy all of mine and organized them. And find a way to laminate them so I won’t have to worry of them getting wet or the ink writing or pencil disappearing. I have to really work on that.

No seriously!! It’s so annoying when your trying to read a recipe and it has water or milk marks on them or not to mention flour or sugar, or even worse chocolate. Ugghhh!!!! I get so pissed. So just one more project I have to add to my list.

So life has it, that 5 months ago I was determined to bake a cake from scratch and although I haven’t perfected it yet, I’m getting closer. It does help when you follow the instructions of which flours to use for cakes or pastries and watch a lot of different videos!

What I have been working on is chocolate cake. More so for my son’s. They all enjoy chocolate. For me it became a challenge.  My first thought was ‘Hmmm, chocolate. I don’t know. I’m still trying to figure out yellow sponge cake’.  Eventually, I know I have to learn both so, lets do this. This was my first chocolate sponge cake. Not to happy for it but it came out tasty. (photo 1). The end result was the decorated cake, in which I’ll talk about the choc0late frosting later. (photo 2)

So, don’t give up! You can learn this too!!010 004