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Welcome to my B&B

Published April 19, 2016 by emmaperez1961

The reason I’m starting this blog, is to take you to a place where you might not have gone otherwise. Unless your taking a vacation. And then even that can be stressful. And you need a vacation from your vacation!  Believe me, I’ve been there.

This is something you can do for yourself. Not once a year or every 5yrs but any given weekend or day. Something that can release stress from the mundane! Doing something special for yourself will actually make you feel accomplished.

Three years ago I decided to do some Ballet. Not that I’ll ever be a ballerina! Mostly for exercise. To stretch my legs, for I always had gnawing discomfort. Doing plie’s and stretching my legs over my head actually helped. I even began to listen to ballet music. And let me tell you, it took me to a higher plain. A higher experience. Close to the heaven-lies if you will. Higher than royalty! Its not what you have, Its what you feel!

And that’s what I feel when I make my own breakfast in bed. A high experience. Sure it would feel greater if I was served. Who knows, maybe someday! But in the meantime, take that time to enjoy a breakfast in bed once and awhile. That little bit of relaxation will change your views on things, your body and mind will thank you and you deserve it!wp-1459258336194.jpgwp-1459536181290.jpg By the way. I made that pineapple doily! Ya, it took me awhile. lol



Finghting Back with Joy update

Published April 14, 2016 by emmaperez1961

So we’re on chapter 5 in this study. Have to read next chapter and do the study guide to keep up with our next section. I’ll probably alternate books. Their already asking to register for the next one. Which is fine if you want if you want to dedicate your time in that way. I just keep seeing a library being accumulated! lol So again. If you were in the study let me know what think. Here is my vlog. And lets stay connected!!