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Easter is almost here!!!

Published April 14, 2017 by emmaperez1961

Good evening. I know its a little late, but I have been trying to catch up on so many things today. Aside from working, I have gotten myself into watching so many videos on couponing. Trying to figure out how all these women who do coupon, get so much for very little out of pocket or for free. Well now I know! I myself have done the same and I have to say, it is a WOW factor! Now I know why they put so much hard work into it. To get so much for so little or free is amazing.

I decided to put more work into it myself. Although it is time consuming, It is well worth it. It also makes you aware of how you can do other deals with different brands at other stores. And stock piling on those items as well. If you want to catch some of the deals I did in the last few weeks, just like me on facebook or leave a message on my page so I can add you as a friend. This way I’ll know that your from my WP family.

Baking has come into play as well now that Easter is here. Trying my hand at cakepops and making cutout cookies of flowers and bunnies. Have to start on my royal icing tomorrow. I just finished working on some Easter baskets for my grandchildren today.  They came out nice.

I finally figured out how to upload a photo from my Iphone to here. Geeze, that took a while. I couldn’t get for a long time and I new their had to be a way. I just wasn’t seeing it. But I finally got it. I’ll let you know what I did, just in case your going through the same thing with you phone.

I also started watching vids on how to edit. Just like everything else, I know its going to me awhile to learn but I’ll eventually get there. Alright, so I’m going to hit the shower then go to bed. I have three busy days ahead of me. Don’t forget to check out my videos on youtube. Its your life by the grace of God and Emalife. I try to be as inspirational and informative as I can. Don’t want to leave anyone out of the loop. I know if I can learn something, so can you. so keep crafting your craft. Have an enjoyable Easter Holiday!!


My workout board! Not really much. But need to add exercises on the side. Still working on it.

Published April 1, 2017 by emmaperez1961

This is my project board. Each color on that day is the project I need to do for that night or day. I didn’t add time cause it has to be done regardless.

Published April 1, 2017 by emmaperez1961