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I’m telling you, ‘It’s a God thing!’

Published November 9, 2014 by emmaperez1961

Let me start with this. I had a pre-paid phone where you add minutes as you go along. But being tired of running out of minutes and using the minutes sparingly, My son convinced me to go on a monthly plan. Even though at first I was totally against it. When he saw the flip phone I purchased, He said ‘no’ and purchased a smart phone for me instead.

Now on the other end. My eldest landed a good paying job, in which we’re all still in awe about.

Now, it so happened that I got myself in a bit of a jam. One that I just in no way forsee.

As I drove to pick up a few pizzas, the business parking lot was jammed. So I went to a different parking lot thinking ‘I’ll just run in and out’ What could possibly happen? No pizzas were ready and there was an 8 min wait. Immediately, I thought. Go get the car and bring it back to this parking lot. Ha, ha ha. Did you think I’d listen, NO! Obviously 8 mins was a long time. And when I got back to the car, yap, you guessed it. I had gotten the boot.

Now, never having experienced this and I have to admit ‘I panicked!’ I just was beside myself. So here I was blowing up my son’s phones. ( In which I might add, my eldest son just bought himself a new I-phone) and also came with cash to bail me out.

Now, I know people don’t believe in miracles these days. But just like I did not forsee this happening. God did! The timing for this situation was just providential.

If this would of happened 4 or 6 months ago. The outcome would of been and I’m also sure of it, a lot worst! Were not perfect and were going to make mistake but when your faithful to Christ, He’s faithful to you. You can count on Him to take care of you. In whatever storm we put ourselves in. He’s there to help us get through it all the time.

Now ya. I could say ‘It just a coincidence’ That it just happen to fall during this time. But as far as I’m concerned, this was just a darn good MIRACLE!!!!!