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On to February!

Published January 31, 2015 by emmaperez1961

One month into the new year and I feel like a turtle. Still haven’t had a chance to get my all my devices out so that I can start my vlogs. Hopefully this week. With all the holidays and birthdays behind me maybe now time will slow down for me a bit.
With so many projects on my list, I’m still trying to figure out a good work schedule so I can fit them all in. I know! Maybe I just won’t sleep! Haha.
I’ll make it work somehow.
I decided to make February my sewing month. I really need to put my sewing machine to use especially because I need some sleepwear. When I go to the store I just can’t find anything that appeals to me and I know what I want to wear. So I’ll just make it myself. I have a lot of old patterns and I’m set on making use of them.
Of course I’ll still be concentrating on my vlogs as well. That is my number one priority. I have been mentioning on fb that I really do enjoy having breakfast in bed. So I took a picture of a meal that I had made that morning. I’ll be setting up my mini tripod so I can next time around be in the picture as well.wpid-img_20150122_110940608.jpg


Getting There

Published January 29, 2015 by emmaperez1961

So finally nailed down my sponge cake, buttercream and writing. Well still working on the writing! LOL I’ll try edit and add more to this blog. I’m always in a rush. Maybe tonight if all works out as I plan the day. My son store bought the small red velvet cake on the right. Mine was home made from scratch on the left.wpid-img_20150126_193327150.jpg