On to February!

Published January 31, 2015 by emmaperez1961

One month into the new year and I feel like a turtle. Still haven’t had a chance to get my all my devices out so that I can start my vlogs. Hopefully this week. With all the holidays and birthdays behind me maybe now time will slow down for me a bit.
With so many projects on my list, I’m still trying to figure out a good work schedule so I can fit them all in. I know! Maybe I just won’t sleep! Haha.
I’ll make it work somehow.
I decided to make February my sewing month. I really need to put my sewing machine to use especially because I need some sleepwear. When I go to the store I just can’t find anything that appeals to me and I know what I want to wear. So I’ll just make it myself. I have a lot of old patterns and I’m set on making use of them.
Of course I’ll still be concentrating on my vlogs as well. That is my number one priority. I have been mentioning on fb that I really do enjoy having breakfast in bed. So I took a picture of a meal that I had made that morning. I’ll be setting up my mini tripod so I can next time around be in the picture as well.wpid-img_20150122_110940608.jpg


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