Lets Leap Into March!!! Ha ha!

Published March 1, 2016 by emmaperez1961

Wow, Can”t believe its Leap year. Has it been 4 yrs already! Well, we do get that one extra day. To think about what we’re going to be jumping into next coming month. Looking forward to it already.

I recently hooked up with this ‘card of the month’ kit. Just to try it out. So far not disappointed. Gave me enough to make 5 to 6 cards. And you don’t have to worry about buying die cuts or punches cause it includes those as well. Plus the inspiration! Its called ‘Annie’s cardmaker’. Reminded me of the craft brochure called AnniesAttic. Which I used to order from years back. I wonder if their one and the same?

It came with a few free gifts like: Little pouch, pen, stamp block and stamps and a bone folder which I always wanted. I have purchased a few other items to get myself started too: Doubled sided tape (we can’t be without that!) and a PapercraftMagazine, that include an embossing folder set. It’s a Great British tea Party theme. Not really sure how it works so, have to read and figure that one out. Also in the mix I ordered these fun stickers that I wanted to try to add to my Journal. I was surprised to see them so small. Their perfect for pocket calender’s! Maybe I’ll use them in there too. They were call ‘Rainbow Market stickers’. I guess they all come in various sizes. I’ll just have personal fun with them.

Ok, so hopefully in my next post I’ll have a few cards done working with these items. So check in and we’ll see you in March! Happy Crafting!!!wp-1456786092058.jpg


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