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Stock Pile

Published May 8, 2017 by emmaperez1961

Hello everybody!!!

So I am so excited! I have been doing some serious couponing. And I mean serious, cause it is time consuming and it takes brainstorming on your part. And I will show you some CRT’s that I get from CVS. Where I been doing most of my deals. It awesome to know that you can get some much for so little. Of course you learn along the way, your hit or misses and screwups!!! But hay, no worries cause the deals always come around again. Thank God!! I haven’t tried walgreen or target, Yet! I’m the kind of person who likes to work on one project (and all it’s worth) before I move on to the next. I like to know that I know all about that subject or project. Multitasking is good but only when you know what you know. If that makes any sense! Otherwise things can become extremely confusing or go horribly wrong.  Then you have to deal with consequences, overspending or your time investment ill spent. And I know we’re all aware that time is something we can’t afford to waste. lol

At first I just wanted to try my hand at it one more time. I have tried years ago and it just didn’t work for me. Maybe  now because we have all the youtube videos that we didn’t have back then, and it has made it easier. So I’m so glad for that. I figured if they can, I can. Actually that is my motto right now on everything. If you can do it , so can I!! I just have to put work, time and alot of effort into it. So its working so far. I have much more to learn but I’m getting there.

And of course I’m working on other projects. If you haven’t seen my boards, just go to my site and scroll down to view them. I’m definitely working on a time system for them. Which isn’t easy because uhm, I’m not a robot!! lol My life entails way much more!

It was fun sitting here and connecting with everyone today. I hope that everyone is not giving up on their projects. Remember, you get back whatever time and effort you put into it. And I know its not easy for alot of us who have family, little ones or fulltime jobs. But 30 mins here and there or more does add up. Have a great day everyone and you’ll hear from me soon!! Keep on crafting!!!


Easter is almost here!!!

Published April 14, 2017 by emmaperez1961

Good evening. I know its a little late, but I have been trying to catch up on so many things today. Aside from working, I have gotten myself into watching so many videos on couponing. Trying to figure out how all these women who do coupon, get so much for very little out of pocket or for free. Well now I know! I myself have done the same and I have to say, it is a WOW factor! Now I know why they put so much hard work into it. To get so much for so little or free is amazing.

I decided to put more work into it myself. Although it is time consuming, It is well worth it. It also makes you aware of how you can do other deals with different brands at other stores. And stock piling on those items as well. If you want to catch some of the deals I did in the last few weeks, just like me on facebook or leave a message on my page so I can add you as a friend. This way I’ll know that your from my WP family.

Baking has come into play as well now that Easter is here. Trying my hand at cakepops and making cutout cookies of flowers and bunnies. Have to start on my royal icing tomorrow. I just finished working on some Easter baskets for my grandchildren today.  They came out nice.

I finally figured out how to upload a photo from my Iphone to here. Geeze, that took a while. I couldn’t get for a long time and I new their had to be a way. I just wasn’t seeing it. But I finally got it. I’ll let you know what I did, just in case your going through the same thing with you phone.

I also started watching vids on how to edit. Just like everything else, I know its going to me awhile to learn but I’ll eventually get there. Alright, so I’m going to hit the shower then go to bed. I have three busy days ahead of me. Don’t forget to check out my videos on youtube. Its your life by the grace of God and Emalife. I try to be as inspirational and informative as I can. Don’t want to leave anyone out of the loop. I know if I can learn something, so can you. so keep crafting your craft. Have an enjoyable Easter Holiday!!

Just dropping a line or two!!

Published March 29, 2017 by emmaperez1961

Hi everyone.

Believe or not but I have gotten myself into stickers. Ya, I said sticker! It started with my journals that I began like about a year or so ago. And I wanted to bring them alittle life. None of these water wash pages. Although their cute. Its just not for me. What I have been using are the planner stickers. I like them. They have so many cute items to use. I am trying to find some with coffee mugs and social media stickers. Hope I can find some soon to add to my collection.

I recently made two daily planner boards to keep track of all my crafts and fitness routine. They came out pretty good. Something I know I can work with. The best part of the boards is that I used clear tape so that I can use dry erase markers to change the month and days. It worked perfectly. Colored co-ordinated all my projects, so all will have a chance to be done.

Yes its going to be a busy year for me. I actually should have started this in January. But just had the idea a couple of weeks ago. Only because I had tried this before about 5 yrs ago but took everything down because we had to move. So I thought I’d give it another go. And even more so now, cause I have more projects underneath my belt. And with the stickers, it’ll to make all the more fun!

So that’s where I am now. And of course getting ready for Easter. I hope you have a chance to catch me on my YouTube channels. I have two.  ‘Emalife’ and ‘Its your Life: By the Grace of God’. So come over and check me out. Would love to see you there!

Score board!!!

Published June 17, 2016 by emmaperez1961

Hi everybody!!! After making the gradcard, I realized that I desperately needed a scoreboard. So I purchased one! My crafter companion did help but I needed something more precise and with quarter inches apart. And the one I purchased fit the bill. Now, I can’t see myself without one.

As for my card making kits, I put a hold on them for a bit. Just so that I can catch up on other things. The last pack that came was working with washy tape. It was fun and the cards came out cute. Can’t wait to make more. I already have a little stack and can’t wait to give them away along with other home made gifts that I’m currently working with.

And with all the new projects I’ve been working on, I noticed that somehow I buried my sewing machine, which is not cool!  If I can’t see it, the more likely I won’t use it. So its time to unclutter my corner. And get to my sewing pronto!!! (it’s Spanish for fast) Just in case someone out there didn’t know what that means! lol Anyway, I had purchased two patterns last year to make a blouse and apron and I still haven’t gotten to it.

I have so many art and craft medias lagging that I have to figure out how to prioritize all of them. Some are easy and others time consuming. And we all know what happens when we miss the mark. It sits on the shelf until next season and we pray it doesn’t collect to much dust! lol

I hope you like the cards and I’ll keep you posted on my next project. So don’t forget to check in!!20160604_142702.jpg20160606_203313.jpg


Cards! Cards! Cards!

Published May 5, 2016 by emmaperez1961

K So, I have around 5 card kits I received since I started with Annies cardmaking kits. So far, I do like all their techniques. Helps to look at cardmaking a whole new different way. Best part is, I have a lot of material left over to be creative with my own ideas. It does help with time. Especially during crunch time and you don’t have the time to run around looking for the right card. You have them right there! There are so many to make for so many different events. I have yet a boat load more to go! I feel I haven’t even scratched the surface. I sooo, want to work with vellum. Its just so pretty! So, I can’t wait for that cardkit to come. Embossing with glitter is another. And who doesn’t like a card that has all the glits and shine? The only problem with cards and them being home made, is the postage though. Its almost double the price just to send one out. Especially if its stacked. The heavier it is, the more the postage! Just one more thing to think about! K! Don’t forget to pop in for the next project. And remember ‘If they can do it, So can you!’wp-1462479462208.jpg

Welcome to my B&B

Published April 19, 2016 by emmaperez1961

The reason I’m starting this blog, is to take you to a place where you might not have gone otherwise. Unless your taking a vacation. And then even that can be stressful. And you need a vacation from your vacation!  Believe me, I’ve been there.

This is something you can do for yourself. Not once a year or every 5yrs but any given weekend or day. Something that can release stress from the mundane! Doing something special for yourself will actually make you feel accomplished.

Three years ago I decided to do some Ballet. Not that I’ll ever be a ballerina! Mostly for exercise. To stretch my legs, for I always had gnawing discomfort. Doing plie’s and stretching my legs over my head actually helped. I even began to listen to ballet music. And let me tell you, it took me to a higher plain. A higher experience. Close to the heaven-lies if you will. Higher than royalty! Its not what you have, Its what you feel!

And that’s what I feel when I make my own breakfast in bed. A high experience. Sure it would feel greater if I was served. Who knows, maybe someday! But in the meantime, take that time to enjoy a breakfast in bed once and awhile. That little bit of relaxation will change your views on things, your body and mind will thank you and you deserve it!wp-1459258336194.jpgwp-1459536181290.jpg By the way. I made that pineapple doily! Ya, it took me awhile. lol


Cake Competition in Chicago

Published March 23, 2016 by emmaperez1961

Well, I finally made it to the Cake Competition at the Chicago Flower& Garden Show held at NavyPier this year. Had been wanting to go for the last 3 years. When I come next year, definitely going to bring or buy lunch. I didn’t think  it was going to be an all day affair. I should have known better!

Got there a little late but did stay for three hours. Enough to pick up some decorating tips and talk to the contenders. Wish I could have stayed longer but had other pressing matters to care of at home. You know how that is when you have family!

And of course I didn’t want to leave my followers out! So I hope you enjoy the little bit that I filmed. I ran out of data room in camera, so it was cut short. I actually had three recording devices. And old camera that was totally dead, my I-phone and Bloggie. Thank God those two worked. I’m definitely going to make sure all my devices work before I head out onto my next adventure. lol

For some reason I can’t get the video on the page just the link. The html does not show on my dash board. But click on the link and it will take you to the video from Youtube. Enjoy! And don’t forget to check in on my next post.