Published March 3, 2017 by emmaperez1961

Hello everyone. I hope this day or night finds everyone well. I have been really putting to much on my plate lately and trying to keep up with everything has been no easy task. From crafting to making videos, working and taking care of the family, that trying to fit everything into one day just doesn’t happen.

So I’m trying to figure out a way by now getting into making or creating a daily planner that can help and keep me accountable. So far I haven’t been to bad. I did finish a series on my you tube channel called (It’s Your Life: By the Grace of God)  and plan to keep up with it. Right now, I’m just taking a small break to create new content based on the same subject.

I also have my other channel which is called (EmaLife). That one is based on my ramblings of my daily living. Which I enjoy doing as well. I guess the hard part for both is just setting up the cameras. I did invest in a web cam but the sound wouldn’t  reach as far as I wanted but I still use it nevertheless. I did my series (Proverbs 31 woman) with that one. Which worked out great.

I use my Bloggie for my (EmaLife) channel for that one does pick up sound from a good distance. I still don’t know how to edit but I will be working on that this year among other things!

I still work at the bakery. Been there for 3yrs already. Boy, how time flies! Still married and all my four son live with me except my daughter who has given me three beautiful grandchildren. Bless her heart! So ya, its a busy life! Still into baking and I just bought a serger. I really need to get into my sewing this year as well.

Workingout and staying healthy is also a big factor in my life. I need all the stamina and energy to keep up with my family. lol  You can catch my supplements and photos on instagram as well. Under Emma Perez or emmperezzz. I’m the one with Marilyn Monroe as an icon. And ya, I have snapchat and periscope too. I know, trying to drive into all these social platforms is crazy!!

If you missed what I’ve been doing just go to my site and scroll. You’ll see everything I’ve been up to till now. I’m still here, still around! And of course I like my blog.  I really enjoy writing even moreso with pen and paper, which is the reason that I’m working with my journals. Yap I have three or four. My daily living, faith, events and study journals.

Better call it a night. Sleep well everybody and I’ll catch up soon.


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