Score board!!!

Published June 17, 2016 by emmaperez1961

Hi everybody!!! After making the gradcard, I realized that I desperately needed a scoreboard. So I purchased one! My crafter companion did help but I needed something more precise and with quarter inches apart. And the one I purchased fit the bill. Now, I can’t see myself without one.

As for my card making kits, I put a hold on them for a bit. Just so that I can catch up on other things. The last pack that came was working with washy tape. It was fun and the cards came out cute. Can’t wait to make more. I already have a little stack and can’t wait to give them away along with other home made gifts that I’m currently working with.

And with all the new projects I’ve been working on, I noticed that somehow I buried my sewing machine, which is not cool!  If I can’t see it, the more likely I won’t use it. So its time to unclutter my corner. And get to my sewing pronto!!! (it’s Spanish for fast) Just in case someone out there didn’t know what that means! lol Anyway, I had purchased two patterns last year to make a blouse and apron and I still haven’t gotten to it.

I have so many art and craft medias lagging that I have to figure out how to prioritize all of them. Some are easy and others time consuming. And we all know what happens when we miss the mark. It sits on the shelf until next season and we pray it doesn’t collect to much dust! lol

I hope you like the cards and I’ll keep you posted on my next project. So don’t forget to check in!!20160604_142702.jpg20160606_203313.jpg



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