Red Balloons!!

Published March 30, 2016 by emmaperez1961

In the mist of adding my B&B to my blog, I had gone to the thrift store to see if I can find some suitable dishes for my tray. And with no luck at all I left the store disappointed. As I proceeded out the door, I remembered that their was a party city nearby. And I had a thought that maybe they might carry some kind of glass wear. So I went in to check it out. And of course to my dismay, their wasn’t any.

But did find a Wilton baking isle, which I wasn’t expecting to see at all and told the cashier that I would definitely come back. Purchased a few tips and sprinkles.

While I was waiting in line to pay for my products, this lady yells that she was giving away balloons for free. I guess she didn’t like the color or something and that they we’re already purchased. She said ‘If  you want some just let the cashier know and she’ll give them to you.’ I was like, that’s cool! And thanked her.

I didn’t realized the colors until I sat waiting for the bus. Now, their were black ones but I asked for the gold and red ones only. It was just so ironic that the balloons matched the the book that I was about to study. ‘Fighting back With Joy’. I felt so blessed that my Lord wanted me to have these balloons.

Now the reaction of the people was a big deal cause it made me realize something else. In-which I will share with you later in the days to come. I felt so giddy the rest of the ride home that I couldn’t wait to take a picture of both the balloons and book.

Now their is always a reason why our Lord does what He does. Its behind the reason of the balloons that I’m so in awe about. Otherwise, I would have never seen or thought about it.

Come back for my next post. I’ll be doing a vlog on the books.wp-1458941317557.jpg


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