Time flies to fast! Devotional

Published March 16, 2016 by emmaperez1961

When I started this blog, my intent wasn’t only about crafts and baking but of a spiritual journey or walk. I wanted to share how our craftiness and creativity connects with God. Because, He is a creator so are we! He enjoys to see what we come up with. How we put things together, how our brains work to get things done. Its awesome!

Its an awesome when someone says. ‘Oh, you made that or oh, you built that! Its a great feeling. And it encourages you to want to do more. The same way with getting into the word of God or the Bible. The more ways you find how to apply it into your life, the more your going want to know more of it and read it. It becomes a want or a desire.

Then other things start to happen. You start visualizing images you never seen before. The word of God jumps out from the pages and becomes alive. So in other words devotionals helps you look at the word from different angles. And believe me God has more angles that we don’t even know about. We only know about a handful.

So I hope this video will help and inspire you to want to do more with the word too. Enjoy!!https://youtu.be/c2Q4ieahVO0



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