My crafters companion

Published July 21, 2015 by emmaperez1961

If you have purchased a “Crafter’s Companion” carry-case, then you made a good investment. I’ve had mine for about 4 yrs and now I’m realizing how valuable it really is. To be honest, I’ve only made a few things from it. But now I’m ready to go full throttle cause I know what it could do for me. And for one, yes, it will save me money and it has! If you have one or plan on buying one, I suggest you start by using regular craft paper to practice. Just glide tools softly otherwise you can score holes thru it. It helps before you actually use card stock. And we know some can be pretty pricey these days.

Now Sara (The founder and inventor) has been coming out with new products to accompany the ‘Ultimate’ but its her new embossing boards that have my attention. Now there are a few that I can get thru ‘PaperWishes’, Thank God! But for other boards, I’m not sure for their having a hard time delivering to the US from the UK. So I really hope they can fix that.

When I first saw this invention at a crafters convention, I was blown away by it and I just had to have it. And now that I look back, I do remember that Sara was there.

Another thing that I realized about the UK is they have very intriguing crafters over there. They’re on top of their game. I’ve noticed that by their wonderful magazines ‘Papercraft Inspiration and Mollies’. Which again they’re hard to find in the US. I haven’t seen them at JoAnns for the longest time. Which saddens me cause I don’t know how to get them delivered to me thru Via AirMail. Does anybody, by the way????

But in the mean time I’ll be working with what I have.wpid-img_20150720_201814492.jpg


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