Yap, two more cakes!

Published April 15, 2015 by emmaperez1961

Easter was a quite holiday for me this year. My kids are grown, so no more Easter egg hunts. That’s over. And as for my grandchildren, My daughter took them out for the day. So I didn’t see them. I was able to make them some little treats from Easter baggies that I had from last year and filled them with Easter candy. But wasn’t able to give it to them until the Friday after for that’s when I babysit.

I really did wanted to try my hand at some  bunny shaped cake pops, but that didn’t happen. My timing management was just so totally off and I felt so disappointed that I didn’t get nothing done. As for my anniversary coming up as well as my son’s birthday, I decided to just make up my baking time with that.

So as I was underway getting my anniversary cake ready, I realized I had a bunny cake mold. I was so mad. I had completely forgot about it. I could of made one for the grandkids and taken it over to them. Definitely taking time to reread my time management book, because I felt it was just unexcused.

My anniversary went well. Chinese food and cake. My son’s birthday too! My husband a made a puerto rican dish for him called Ventura and chocolate cake. It all came out good!

Still working on my butter cream flowers. I’ll get there, eventually!wpid-img_20150407_181004109.jpgwpid-img_20150411_234244933.jpg


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