So much for March

Published March 25, 2015 by emmaperez1961

I spent more time this month thinking on organizing and how to catch up than anything else. But my main goal for this month was to make raspberry cookies and muffins, which I did.
With work being busy, keeping up with the apartment with the boys (My son’s and husband), taking care of the grandchildren a day and half out the week, it’s hard to get to the things I want to do. I just tell myself. I just have to find the time and fit it in somehow.
I have made it a habit to take an hour nap every now and then when my body needs it. Theirs just to much to do and I become overwhelmed even with myself. The nap energizes me and I can continue with my tasks at hand.
Like now it’s quiet and I have this time to write this post. At 2, I have to start getting ready for work tonight. Only 4 hrs. Thank God! And hopefully I can come home and catch up on some reading before bed.
As April approaches I’m already thinking on other projects that I want to get underway especially before Easter. But we’ll see what happens.
So, for the most part I’m still here and still trying to make things work.
And I just have to say that it has been a joy to read and see fellow wordpress bloggers and the their dedication to follow threw at their craft and how far they have come. And that truly inspires me. That I too can get there also.
So Thank You fellow bloggers for not giving up!!!
Although it doesn’t look like spring yet, I hope you enjoy my spring flower cookies. wpid-img_20150323_135107375.jpg


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