A Day at the Bakery

Published March 6, 2014 by emmaperez1961

It’s funny. When I’m working, I can’t wait to punch out. When I’m home, I can’t wait to be back at the bakery. I guess it’s because, it’s so fast paced and theirs always something to do.

The other day was ‘Fat Tuesday’ known for those whole love ‘Paczki Doughnuts’. Half the time I’m not even sure I’m saying it right. Alot we’re sold that day of course. I heard people we’re waiting in line since early morning. I didn’t start work until 2pm and it was still busy when I came in. Anyway, it was suppose to be one of those dreaded days (my boss warned) I was suppose to worry about. But I have to say, it went quite smoothly.

When you arrive, you can’t help but feel your part of something great. And you are because your with people who are doing just that. Their creating great things. You look at the stuff they make and your quite simply amazed! And the smell. Gosh!! You just want to eat everything in there.

One co-worker asked me. ‘It’s fun working here, isn’t it?’ I was like, “Ya!”  And as I see it. It’s a collaboration of everyone working together. Because if you don’t, then that’s when things fall apart or slow down. And I can tell you that no running business wants that.

I’m not saying it’s easy. Like everything else there is a lot to learn. Like the  ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ of the job. I still get confused with the orders, especial the custom cakes like ‘shapes & numbers’ but hay, theirs a lot of details involved.  And I mean a lot!!! Basic cakes I can handle. I’ll get there. I know I will. Then I’ll be whipping those orders out!!!!



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