A Little Serious

Published January 7, 2014 by emmaperez1961

Ya, I guess you can say I’m a little serious about baking and cake decorating. Just like all other crafts, it takes my stress away as well.

Of course, like others, I enjoy the decorating part most of all. After all it is an art. They are coming out with sugar art but that’s just alittle to complicated for me right now, although it is beautiful. I’ll leave that to the experts.

I’m trying to get to the point where I won’t have to order cakes anymore and I can just spit them out myself. Slowly but surly I know I’ll get there. The other parts of baking that I enjoy as well, is the decorating of cookies. So much fun! Pies come in third and ya, still have to work with danish. which I havn’t tried yet. But I will. Count on it.

So happy because, I finally learned how to make whipped cream. Can’t wait to make a ‘Lemon whipped cream pie’.

If your probably wondering why the cake has only half coconut? My teenage son doesn’t like it. The things we do to please our kids! lol

I just ordered my 14 piece decorating tips, so I really haven’t worked with them. Except for the writing tip. I’m trying to improve in that area. I know I can do better with more practice.

So ya, their is nothing you can’t do with a little practice and you tube. So invest in your supplies and get going.  Happy Baking!DSC08003


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