2 days left!!

Published December 30, 2013 by emmaperez1961

I’m already getting emotional. I can’t believe the year is close to an end. 2013 will be no more.  But I have to tell you, it was a rollercoaster of a ride. So much that I read and learned thru out the year. The best part is that my whole family is together. My second eldest son was in Kawait last year. And my third was in North Carolina for his basic traning. This year, I’m glad we’ll all be ringing in the new year together.

With that being said. I was thinking about how our living conditions came to be.  We live in a nice, three bedroom, size apartment.  There is six of us all together. I’m the only female here. Except for my daughter but she lives with her huband. I have four boys and one daughter and two grandchildren. A pretty size family. Anyway! Our living condition came to be mostly like a ‘college campus enviroment. I don’t have a dining or living room for their both being used as dorm rooms. The only room that is accessible to all of us to use and thats the kitchen.

It’s not kid friendly. And my grandchildren have seen that first hand. Their mostly in my room or my husband’s. I like it though, because we all have our own space and privacy and we all have our own laptops and tv’s. So no, we don’t have a traditional home like most families do. It just doesn’t work for us.

We all pitch in to pay the rent and bills. My husband and I do most of the cleaning and laundry and babysit the grandchildren. With work, babysitting and trying to build a brand, I’ll tell you, it’s hard work. And ya, I’m tired all the time.

So, I am really anxious to see what the new year is going to bring. In my world, it’s always different. It never stay the same. Change is always happening. I’ve learned to go with the flow and not get too comfortable because I know change is always around the corner for me. And what is life if it’s not forever evolving.  For one, it keeps me young and it keeps me on top of things.

And on that note,  I can’t wait to read some newyear resolution. I know their going to be some good ones.

Have A Safe and Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!







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