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Published November 16, 2013 by emmaperez1961

Internet not up yet, but I’m hoping it will soon. In the mean time!!!!! Trying to get as much done as I can. Especially with the holidays starting early this year. Not to mention all the birthdays I have as well. All in the months of November, December and January. More time to practice on decorating on my cakes. Still working on my roses and borders. I so have to learn how to temper chocolate. I hope my son’s cake turns out well. I’ll definitely will post that one up.

Job hunting went well. Landed a job at a BAKERY!!!!!. Learning new techniques already. I’m so happy to be there and I’m hoping to stay for at least 2 yrs. God willing. I know I can learn so much by working there. And the hours well, they just fly by. There is always something to do.

I am so stoked about doing so many new things this coming year that I’m getting myself all excited. For one, I’m learning how to dress up my eyes more by working with different eye shadows and leaning how to make that black wing a little more subtle. More because I am at a work place and not out on the town. So many well dressed people come that bakery and I want to play my part at doing as much as I can to well present the company.

The more better I look, the better I’ll feel. And that of course works for me.

I always feel I’m at a crunch for time, so I’ll catch with everyone next week. Have a great week and weekend!!!



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