Wait a minute.

Published October 4, 2013 by emmaperez1961

I have been wanting to write and start or finish some projects but job hunting has been taking most of my time. Really upset about that. But not as upset of my unemployment benefits not coming thru. With all this shut down fiasco with the government goings on, I bet I wasn’t the only one. As a matter of fact I’m sure of it. Getting by never the less. Thank God! But all the more reason why I have to look harder. I need money!!!!

I might have another shot at one more tier. Hoping and praying, just until I land a job.

I think about the woman who was killed by capital hill today (with a child in the car no less) maybe she didn’t get her benefit’s either. Just a theory of course, cause we’ll never know what set her off. It just sad and it breaks my heart that the child had to be in mist of all this chaos.

But life does go on and I hope the child ends up with family somewhere. In the mean time I’m just going to continue on my projects in-between, hoping I can get something done.

I just pray that our Lord keeps us safe and when we’re in need that He’ll be there for us. Because He always is. That’s how much He love and cares about us.

Hopefully next time I’ll write on a happier note.  🙂


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