Jewelry time!!!

Published April 26, 2013 by emmaperez1961

Hi everybody!

This is the piece of jewelry I was talking about.

I have been working with wire for about a year or so. It’s not easy though if your not familiar with it. It takes alot of feeling the material with your hands to get use to the wire. And lately since, I haven’t bought new wire, I’m been working with what I have. Which, it’s all 20 or 22 gauge.  It’s soft but not that pliable. So, I really have to work with it.

Wire has come in so many different forms. I noticed (Square, round, dead soft, soft). That, I easily get confused! The variety seems endless. Not to mention the colors! Geez!

So, anyway. I saw these component earrings that were so cute and said to myself, “I have to try this”. I have tried a wrapped ring, (Which I love) and a wrapped pendant (tree of life and stone). Which, I made my own stones in different colors.

The earrings didn’t come out exact but then, like I said before. I’m always in that trial and error stage. I can see that theirs a big range of what you can do with these components. Can’t wait to give it another shot soon.

On to my next project!!!  Sorry, I won’t be able to show that one. But, I was thinking about making another wire ring.  As soon as  I can, I’ll get underway with that and another sewing project too. Keep crafting!!!DSC07920



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