Step 2 ( Paper Corset)

Published April 25, 2013 by emmaperez1961

I’m still working on the corsets.  As you can see. Now, this was funny because I had no intention of making them. I was thinking on doing a jewelry project, but got side tracked when I fell upon a ballet paper dress while, looking up ballet music. Then, It took me to pinterest and then, someones’s blog.  The corset drew my attention more and more. Next thing I know, I forgot all about the jewelry piece I wanted to work on.

So, I have to hurry and finish so I can get back on track. I can’t wait to finish them and have them all dressed up.

Now remember, none of my projects are perfect. I’m always in the making process. Hopefully, I’ll step out of that stage and actually make something original that’s worthy to be sold. lol  Soon!!!

I trimmed a little more here and there and put a gesso coat before I actually paint them.DSC07918


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