WirlWind!!!! Yikes (Corset)

Published April 23, 2013 by emmaperez1961

Well, what can I say. Their has been so much tragedy in America lately. It’s a shame, that we still don’t know how to live in peace. All I know though, is that we still have to keep trying. So, on that note!

I know everybody is trying to figure out how to make the paper 3D paper corsets. Including myself. So, I decided to give it a try. I made one out of newspaper and one out of a toilet paper roll. The one with newspaper: I took a barbie doll and wrapped it tight with a piece of a plastic bag. I didn’t want the paper mache to get on the doll. Dipped the strips of glue to surround the bodice part for the corset. Then let dry. The second: Cut the back of toilet paper roll length wise. Press against bodice part of doll tightly. Cut about an inch off the bottom. Then, wet all around with the glue. Your shaping the corset as you go along. Ya, it can get a bit messy.  (No gloves. just use your bare hands) Then let dry. You might want to put a small piece of tape to hold it still in the back. Snip off and whola!!! You should have a heart shaped circle on top that forms the bust and sides. Just snip here and there to make it look right.DSC07917

The paper roll of course, took better shape! But , you can always buy plaster strips and use that as well. I hope this helps.


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