Changing it up!

Published April 12, 2013 by emmaperez1961

Wow, I can’t wait to get back to my sewing machine. Now I know why people love to sew. It’s really is fun. I mean, you have the pattern, the cutting, sewing the pieces together and whola! You actually made something. I do have one tip about refurbishing materials, especially when it comes to garments. Make sure you have enough material for interfacing , otherwise your better off buying the material or a little of something similar to better finish your project. Either way, you do save. And I realized that your garment will be better fitted and reinforced. I’m learning as I go. And on that note!DSC07912

I had gone downtown a bit ago. And in a novelty store, I seen these cute, little, clip on flowers for your hair. They were priced for almost $6 for each one. I took one look and said ‘Hmm, these are easy to make’ Why they were priced so high, I don’t know. I thought. I could make a dozen for that price. And I did. I made them quick because I needed to get some out. I’ll definitely though will coordinating felt colors for the next batch, to make  the backs look a little more neater.

All you need is three sizes of silk petals, (or fabric petals) glue gun, felt for backing and clips. Really easy!


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